20-Minute Bodyweight Energy Workout

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Woman doing plank

This workout will leave you feeling energized and put a spring in your step. You’ll learn how to do a Turkish Get-Up and meet Coach Rachel’s dog, Soka, when she decides to stop by and say hello. Get ready to feel the burn with two rounds of 45 seconds/work and 15 seconds/rest with each exercise. Don’t worry about grabbing any equipment, bodyweight is all you’ll need!

While this workout doesn’t include a formal warmup, we recommend doing a little cardio to get your heart rate up for about five minutes before jumping in. Jumping jacks, running in place, knee jumps are all great choices.

Bodyweight Energy Workout

Elevator Squat 

Don’t rush through this squat. The goal is to move slowly and deliberately throughout the entire exercise.

Push-Up Row 

Balance is important during this exercise, so make sure to keep your core engaged. If you need to modify, try starting from your knees.

Reverse Lunge with Overhead Reach 

This is a compound exercise, meaning you will transition to three different movements throughout its entirety. If you need to, hang on to a wall or chair for added stability.

Lateral Plank Walk 

Beginning from high plank, you’ll “walk” side to side. Keep your body straight and in-line from head to toe.

Lateral Low Lunge Row 

The key to this row is to stay low throughout the movement. Keep your toes forward and sit back into your heels while you row. Remember: pull low, squeeze low during your row!

Staggered Stance Good Morning 

It’s important to hinge from your hips and avoid bending your back during this exercise. If the movement is too challenging, try doing it without a staggered stance and see if that feels better for you.

Turkish Get-Up (Finisher) 

If you haven’t tried a Turkish Get-Up, this is your chance!

  • Keep a wide stance and lay down completely, with one knee and arm raised (on the same side!).
  • Act like you’re about to roll over, but instead sit up on your elbow through to your hand.
  • Then, lift your hips up, come through to a one-leg kneel by tipping forward as you continue to push up with stacked shoulders.
  • Once standing, you’ll come back down in the same way you got up.
  • Step back, reverse lunge, hinge and tip out to the side on one arm and bring your leg through and set it down.

Well done! You’ve got this.

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