How to Set Up Healthy Boundaries Throughout Your Day

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Boundaries help us reclaim our time, our space and our routines. But when home life and work life collide, we end up with blurred lines and finding balance can feel impossible. Here are a few boundaries to put in place in order to keep you from feeling overwhelmed, inefficient and stressed.

Establish a Morning Routine

Morning routines are a great way to increase productivity, give you a sense of security and allow you to take control of your day. However, a great morning can’t be achieved without some solid shuteye. Getting quality sleep is essential to starting your mornings off right. Make sure you get the recommended 7-9 hours. Once you’re awake, set your intention! Choose to have a great day. Making the decision to have a positive experience determines your mood, your attitude, and your approach to your day. Get out of those PJ’s to let your body and mind know that it is time to work. Last, but not least—make your bed! This is a great way to get that feeling of productivity right from the start.

Dedicate a Workspace Away from Distraction

Making a physical distinction between your work life and your personal life is a useful way to differentiate between the two. Your brain will know when it’s time to work and when it’s time to relax and you will feel a sense of motivation when you’re ‘in the zone.’ Your workspace should be conducive to getting peace, quiet and privacy—when needed. Set your space up for success with all the supplies you’ll need within close proximity. Make sure those you live with understand the distinction between your workspace and shared living space so there’s no confusion about the intention of your workspace.

Maintain a Schedule

This might be the most important thing you can do to keep the balance at home. Otherwise, it’s simply too easy to have your work seep into your home life. Follow these tips in order to help your days run smoothly!

  • Define a start and end to your workday, but don’t confine yourself to 9-5 if that’s not workable for you. Take advantage of some flexibility to make personal appointments, time with family or a lunch date with a friend.
  • Be sure to set yourself as away or unavailable when you’re off the clock.
  • Take time for yourself during workday by setting time aside for lunch away from your workspace.
  • Relying on a schedule not only helps you maintain boundaries with colleagues, but with your family as well—let them know when they have access to you.

Sign Off Mentally and Physically

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Shutting down at the end of your workday is crucial in order to maintain your emotional wellbeing and achieve a healthy work/life balance. Write yourself notes to keep track of your to-do list and help plan your workday for the next day. Also, make sure to turn off your computer and leave it in your workspace to avoid boundary creep. Be careful not to fall into the trap of taking on seemingly easy tasks such as checking voicemail or responding to emails during your “off hours.” It can become a domino effect and your work setting boundaries can easily come undone. Finding a transition between work and personal life can be a great tool for deepening the distinction between work and play. Take fifteen minutes before diving into the rest of the evening and other responsibilities. Go for a walk, read a book, change into some comfy clothes—do whatever brings you joy and gives you some peace.

Practice Self-Care

Make self-care a priority and give yourself permission to put yourself first. This will help increase your personal wellbeing and give you the energy to be more present with others. Here are some great ways to practice self-care every day:

  • Fake a commute and take advantage of this extra “me time.”
  • Listen to your favorite podcast or audiobook to help yourself unwind.
  • Drink lots of water! Keep a big water bottle on your desk and sip it throughout the day.
  • Get outside! Go for a walk to improve both your mood and cognitive performance.
  • Get up and move at least once every hour.
  • Keep a positive attitude and take deep breaths to keep your stress level down.
  • Set an intention to enjoy each day! A moment of mindfulness every day can have a big impact on your overall attitude.

Setting healthy boundaries can guide us to a more productive and happier life. Keep these five tactics in mind as you go throughout your day, and you, too, can find the balance you have been searching for.

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