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Got sore muscles...injuries... over extension of the body? If you're an athlete and work out hard this is all too familiar....enter Yin Yoga! Yin is a gentle, yet challenging, yoga practice that allows you to drop into your own body, listen, and be present with anything and everything that comes up, both physically and mentally. Yin is a seated, grounding practice, where poses are held for 3-5 minutes in order to bring mobility to the joints and ligaments. By practicing this style of yoga, athletes are able to work deeper into the muscles to transform the way their body moves. When practicing yin yoga, students are asked to relax into postures, cultivating a more passive approach to working through deep connective tissue and fascia in the body. Fascia, connects every part of our body together and by caring for your fascia, you are maximizing athletic performance and muscle flexibility. When intimately working with the body by breaking through connective tissue, students will find themselves breaking through old emotional patterns and coming out of class stronger. Not only in the body, but in the mind as well. =NEW= Wednesday Yin Class September 6th 5:30pm

29 August