15-Minute Core Workout

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Woman doing plank

If you’re looking for a core workout you can finish in a snap, we’ve got you covered! This 15-minute workout with Coach Jordan focuses on strengthening your core while using household items found around your home.

This workout features 10 exercises that will light your core on fire! Each exercise should be done for 30 seconds with 15 seconds of rest before moving on to the next movement. These exercises will require sliders to help facilitate the movements, but if you don’t have sliders—no problem. A paper plate is a perfect dupe for carpeted surfaces and a towel will work great for hardwood or tile floors.

Leg Curls

You might think the leg curls are purely meant to work your… well, legs—but this movement actually gets your core in on the action in a big way! Remember to keep your core tight to help both your form and your balance.


Starting in a high plank, you’ll bring your legs in without bending at the knees with the strength of your core.

Wax On, Wax Off (Arms)

Continuing in a high plank, you’ll channel Mr. Miyagi with a “wax on, wax off” arm movement. Make sure to keep your core activated as you move your arms in circular motions, alternating each side.

Push-Up Reach

This push-up variation is performed from the knees to ensure your form is protected. 

Mountain Climbers

You’ve likely done mountain climbers without the sliders, but this smooth variation will activate muscles you didn’t know you had! Make sure to keep your spine neutral as you “climb.”

Plank Jack

Jumping jacks meet high plank in this fun slider exercise.


The slider burpee is a great low-impact alternative to the classic burpee but trust us—they’re equally challenging! Remember, form is more important than speed.

Single Leg Dead Lift

As you dead lift, make sure that your knee is bent slightly and unlocked. Hinge from your hips and keep your core tight.

Around the Cone

If you don’t have cones, any small object will do! A couple books or two rocks from your garden, there’s definitely something laying around your home for you to use.

Side Lunge

Make sure to keep your weight in your heel as you keep your shoulders up and your core engaged.

Once you’ve finished the first set, repeat once more and you’re finished!

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