Anytime Fitness Concord

Today is an Anniversary worth celebrating. 5 years ago today, on October 20th, 2012, we sold our first membership. It's crazy remembering the nerves, the unknowns, and the hope we had for our Anytime Fitness business. Just thinking about this day 5 years ago brings those emotions right back. It was our first day of presale and we sold 19 memberships. It was as exciting as it was terrifying. We wouldn't actually open our doors until 2 months later, as we sold our pre-sale memberships on plywood in an unfinished building. A huge thank you to @hillierjennifer (shown with our family dog, Moose) who will always be our first member, and an amazing friend. She still works out with a Personal Trainer twice a week here and is an amazing part of our Anytime Fitness family to this day. We also want to thank the other 196 pre-sale members who were willing to join a fitness club before we had walls, equipment, floors, lighting... you get it. 😄 When we opened our business on December 21, 2012 we already had 197 members who took a chance on us. Today we thank and celebrate those members, many of whom are still with us today, 5 years later! Comment below if you're one of them so we can celebrate you! #originalcrew #thankyou #anytimefitness #smallbusiness #locallyowned #anytimefitnessconcord #afconcord #bleedpurple #rawr 💜💪🏼🏪

20 October