Anytime Fitness Concord

It's. Back. In 2016 we introduced the biggest and most successful Weight Loss Challenge in Anytime Fitness history- Battle of the Trainers. In this 12 week contest our 18 Challengers lost a combined 468 pounds and won over $4,000 in cash prizes alongside their Personal Trainers! This epic Challenge is a battle of which Trainer will take home top honors and which clients can help them do just that. Our 2nd Battle of the Trainers will start January 7th, 2018 and will end on March 31, 2018. We have 5 participating Certified Personal Trainers, Laura Underwood, Anthony Rosa, Ethan Pomplas, Marty Moushey, and Lisa Courtney. Here's how it works. All Challengers must be able to lose 20% of their body weight to participate. They must be members at Anytime Fitness Concord (but can join to participate if they're selected). They must fill out an application (last year we had over 40 apply for 18 spots!) and be selected. Each Challenger will train one-on-one with their trainer 4 days per week for the 12 week contest. Each Challenger will pay $360/month for the 3 month competition, with a 1 in 5 chance of winning it all back PLUS an additional cash prize for themselves and their trainer if they place in the top 3. The Challenger who loses the highest percentage of weight will earn all their money back plus a $150 cash bonus for themselves and a $150 bonus for their trainer. 2nd place will win all their money back plus a $100 bonus for themselves and their trainer. And 3rd place will earn all their money back as well as a $50 bonus for themselves and their trainer. Are you ready? This contest is TOUGH. While we accept clients of all ages, fitness levels, and medical backgrounds (yes, we can work around physical restrictions!), what you must have is dedication and heart. We can do the rest. Want an application? Email us at to request one today! #BOTT #battleofthetrainers #anytimefitness #anytimefitnessconcord #afconcord #rawr #bleedpurple #certifiedpersonaltrainer #personaltraining #personaltrainer #weightloss #RAWR 💪🏼💜🏪

9 November