Preferred Vendors: An Extension of Our Brand

Thank you for your interest in working with Anytime Fitness. Our preferred vendors are an extension of our brand, and therefore, we are very careful when it comes to selecting companies to add to our list.

Can you enhance our business model?

We invest the time to research your product or service, your company’s background and reputation, and how your offerings can improve the Anytime Fitness experience for our franchisees and members. In return, we ask that you spend the time to understand our business model and follow our procedures for the Preferred Vendor Application Process, outlined below, including a $300 application fee per submission.

As a prospective vendor, you must be able to service all of the US (all 50 states). If you are a Canadian vendor, you must be able to service all of Canada.

*Please Note: We do have a network of already-established preferred vendor relationships, many of which are specific to our brand. With that said, we never know how our current relationships and the needs of our franchise will change, so we are willing to review proposals.

Application process

Step 1:

Create a proposal that is specific to Anytime Fitness. You will want to define your competitive advantage. You will also want to outline how your offerings will benefit our franchisees and members. For example, please detail how your product or service will:

  • Enhance our brand and make it more attractive to members or franchisees.
  • Improve the workout experience of a member.
  • Increase the revenue of a franchisee’s club.
  • Increase the efficiency of a franchisee or save them time and headaches.
If submitting consultant services for review, please provide:
  1. Individuals names and association with the franchise system.
  2. Outline of qualifications for each consultant.
  3. Services to be provided and full scope of work including topics and content.
  4. Describe how the consultant services relate to accomplishing specific program objectives.
  5. Total number of consultation dates.
  6. Expected rate of compensation including rate per hour/per day, travel, per diem, and other related expenses subtotaled for each consultant. Detail and justify all costs.
  7. Describe how the progress and performance of the consultant will be measured and monitored.

Step 2:

Submit the non-refundable $300 application fee using our secure payment portal through Authorize.Net. Your proposal will not be reviewed until this payment is received.

Step 3:

Send your proposal to Please keep your proposal simple and concise. Include the transaction ID number of your application fee in the subject of your email.

Step 4:

A vendor review panel meets every 6 weeks to discuss any proposals that have been received. At that time, we consider all initial information. If we believe the proposal warrants further discussion, you will be contacted to provide us with more information.

We ask that you please follow this protocol through the entire consideration process. Due to our high volume of calls and email messages, we strongly discourage additional follow up on your part, and we request that you wait for our review panel to contact you. Following this protocol will allow us to give your proposal the time and attention it deserves.

Again, thank you for considering Anytime Fitness.