Employee Wellness Program From Anytime Fitness

Improve engagement, improve retention, improve your culture with an employee wellness program from Anytime Fitness.

Why Wellness at Work?

It’s simple, really. At Anytime Fitness, our mission is to help people thrive through a fit and active lifestyle. Smart businesses share a similar mission for their employees, one where workers are encouraged to improve their health and fitness levels, increase their energy and productivity, and lower their healthcare spending. The Anytime Fitness Employee Wellness Program makes it possible for companies of all sizes to encourage wellness at work.

The following video contains voice-over narration and images of people going about their daily lives. It ends with this text onscreen: Try Us Free Anytime! Get your 7-day pass at anytimefitness.com

Why Anytime Fitness?

As the largest, and fastest growing, 24-hour, co-ed fitness franchise in the world, Anytime Fitness can help you address the wellness needs of your employees. We offer the ultimate in convenience to your workforce, complete with state-of-the-art equipment.


GLOBAL RECIPROCITY which allows access to thousands of Anytime Fitness clubs around the world! This is a great perk for your employees who travel on the job.

24-hour tanning & personal training packages are also offered at many of our clubs. Your employees may choose to purchase these services as a complement to their Anytime Fitness membership.

24/7 access, 365 days a year

Thousands of locations around the world

24-hour tanning at most clubs

Personal trainers to inspire!

Perfect Partners

Anytime Fitness and Anytime Health provide 24/7 access to the resources your employees need for living well—in the club and online!

Budget Friendly

Companies of any size can make an affordable investment in the health of their employees and, lately, many do. With Anytime Fitness as your workplace wellness partner, you can implement the program that is best suited for you.

Total Wellness

This option is for the organization that truly wants to invest in the health and well-being of their team with fully-paid Anytime Fitness club memberships and premium access to AnytimeHealth.com.

Rewards & Incentives

This program encourages team wellness by incentivizing participation through partially-reimbursed or subsidized Anytime Fitness club memberships based on monthly usage. Also provides premium access to AnytimeHealth.com.

Gym Only

An option that provides your team with discounted membership rates and enrollment fees at Anytime Fitness clubs nationwide.

Gift Certificate Program

This options allows the organization to contribute a one-time set dollar amount towards their employee’s membership at an Anytime Fitness.

Getting Started


Contact Us

For a personal consultation about implementing a corporate wellness program at your workplace, contact our Employee Wellness Department. It will only take a moment for you to submit your company information and there is no obligation. Once we receive your information, you will promptly receive a callback.


Create a Progam

Working with Anytime Fitness, your company will create a program that helps your employees accomplish their goals and objectives.


Promote the Program

Promoting your wellness program is important, both to make employees aware of the program and to motivate them to participate. Anytime Fitness will assist you with your promotion efforts, including custom-designed posters and flyers, to help you spread the word to your staff. We will also conduct club tours and answer any questions your employees may have.


Offer Incentives

Most people want to be more active, but they lack the motivation to do so. Incentive programs can make all the difference. Simple merchandise awards—for example, t-shirts, gift cards, and entertainment vouchers—can increase participation in your wellness program.

That’s it! You are on your way to promoting a healthy workplace. At Anytime Fitness, we look forward to helping you achieve wellness at your company.