Anytime Fitness - Neenah

Paula is an absolute rocks star who works out just about every morning (when she isn't up north chopping down trees and fighting bears). At 71 years young, nothing slows her down, but don't take our word for it...

In January of 2016, I started my membership with Anytime Fitness. When I started, I just did the treadmill since I was not sure what I wanted except to exercise more. While I was there, I kept watching various people with their personal trainers and wondered if personal training could help me. I decided to give it a try, it was the best decision I have ever made.

I started training with Chris in February of that same year. As I told Chris, I did not necessarily need to lose weight, but I did need to work on balance and upper body strength.

I should tell you, I am 71 years old and a widow. It is a man’s world and you discover that quickly when you are female and on your own. I was constantly asking neighbors to help me:

• Start the lawn mower
• Start the weed eater
• Start the leaf blower
• Start the snow blower
• Start the chain saw – yes, the chain saw, who else is going to do it?!

With Chris’ help, over the last two years, I can now start everything on my own.

Before I could not unload 40-pound bags of dog food, bird seed, or salt softener pellets. With Chris’ help I can now pick it up, get it in the car, unload it from the car, and empty the bags in containers. I know it does not sound like much, but to me, it is a big victory not to have to ask for help doing it.

With all of these benefits, there was something else Anytime Fitness did for me – I am much more confident in myself. I always try to exceed Chris’ expectations of me, so I can make him proud, and in turn, it makes me proud.

Besides the better balance, the increase in my upper body strength, and the confidence factor Anytime Fitness and Chris have given me through the strength training, I have gained another major health benefit.

I have osteoporosis which is especially prevalent in my hips and spine. The last bone density test I had recently showed “significant improvement,” especially in my spine. The doctor is confident that the improvement is because of the weight bearing exercises Chris has me do.

There are so much I am thankful for with my membership at Anytime Fitness. The facilities are wonderful; the people are friendly; the staff is helpful and knowledgeable; and the constant encouragement on the part of Chris is inspiring. Chris takes great pride in his work and makes me believe


Thank you, Anytime Fitness, for helping me believe in myself.

18 May