Wellness Benefit: Reward Program

How it works?

This program provides a cost effective way to promote and reward healthy behaviors for all of your employees. You choose engagement thresholds (i.e. 8 gym visits per month) and if the employee hits that benchmark you choose the reward value (I.e. $20).

This program is lightweight from an administrative standpoint. Employees engage with the club network directly and automatically benefit from our standard corporate discount benefits. You do not need to manage membership contracts, agreements, or transfers. Their usage is automatically tied to this program and we facilitate the reporting and reimbursement to your employees monthly. This can be directly to the employee or via standard payroll processes.

Example Program Costs

Yearly program fee: $299.00

Estimated Monthly costs: $200.00 for an average 50 person organization


  • Base Monthly Per Employee Fee $2.00: $100.00 (for a 50 person organization)
  • Estimated Monthly Reward Costs: $100 (10% of 50 employees earning a $20 reward).