Anytime Fitness NW

“I walked in here one day and I just got a really good vibe with Russ cause he is just so positive.” Amanda is our newest staff member at Anytime Fitness and says fitness and nutrition is all she has been focusing on for many, many years. She enjoys this part of the job where she is getting to know the members and the business side. “I had a good opinion of the gym but I didn’t expect that I would like it this much. I really, really love it. I love the business model of Anytime Fitness and I love the structure of the way they run their business. They say it’s all about the quality, not the quantity and I can really feel it. I’m also a neat freak so I love how clean things stay.” Amanda used to be a personal trainer too but at this point she feels this is just what she needs and she gets to get to know all the members. Oooh....Amanda drinks 2 of these jugs every day...Can you beat that? ;) Our staff is always happy to help so don’t be shy and ask away if you have any questions! :D

17 September