Anytime Fitness NELA

Danny Garner! North Seventh's member of the month. "After having Vertical Gastric Sleeve surgery I began my fitness journey at Anytime in Feb of 2016. By April of 2016 I had worked my way up to a 5k and completed a half marathon in April 2017. Right now I am training for a marathon in November. I began my fitness journey at 260 lbs and am currently at 190 lbs. True, the Vertical Gastric Sleeve helped in my weight loss; however, without commitment to certain lifestyle changes such as diet and consistent exercise, I would have only been able to reach a certain point in my weight loss journey. Anytime Fitness, because of its convenience and overall atmosphere, has enhanced my total success. This journey is not over yet. I look at it as a life long journey instead of a so called "diet". I am hoping to achieve a weight 175 lbs. I plan to continue to train in distance running, and my ultimate dream would be to run in and completed the Boston Marathon. I feel that with the assistance of Anytime Fitness, anything is possible."

18 October