Matt Lein

People measure their cardio workouts in different ways. A stair climber workout can be measured by time, by stairs climbed, by floors climbed, or distance traveled. I measure mine by victims claimed. I do my stairs at level 14 or higher for 35-50 minutes typically. Anyone that gets on one of the stairclimbers after I have already started and gets off before I finish is a victim. Today 6 victims were claimed. It was a slow day. I will claim more tomorrow. Compete always in every single freaking aspect of your life. When you feel like quitting ask yourself, "Am I going to let this asshole over here beat me....hell no". #mindsetiseverything #competeinallthings #everydaywefight #stairclimbergames #warriormindset #cardioisking #trainharderthanme #fitnessmotivation #fit #instafit

17 September