EMOM Strength Builder

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two people doing a plank

Have you heard of EMOM? No, we don’t mean a digital mother—we’re talking about an Every-Minute-On-the-Minute-style workout. What does an EMOM workout entail? It means that you’ll work at the top of every minute and once the reps are completed, you’ll rest for the remainder of the minute. Your rest time will be dependent on how quickly or slowly you work through the reps.

If you’re doing this workout from the comfort of your home and don’t have access to a kettlebell or a dumbbell, you can use two water jugs instead. Be mindful if you are using a water jug as it will challenge your body in a slightly different way which requires extra care. From wrist safety to the kickback you’ll get from the water movement, listen closely to Coach Rachel as she guides you through the exercises.

Warm Up

5 T-Spine Openers, each side

You may notice more flexibility on a certain side but do your best to complete the exercise on both.

5 Bridges with Overhead Reach 

Keep your arms fully stretched and lengthen as you reach.

5 High Plank to T, each side  

Keep your hands stacked under your shoulders. As you reach to your T, squeeze your shoulder blades into the center of your body.

5 Slow Motion Squats

Everyone is different, try variations on your arm placement as you move through this exercise to feel what works best for you.

EMOM Strength Builder

20 Swings, Deadlifts or Bridges

If you’re using water jugs for swings, keep your thumb placement up as you follow through in your swing. It’s okay if your swing doesn’t reach all the way up to your shoulders, belly button or chest level is great!

15 Push-Press 

A modification for this exercise is a push-up and they can be done from your toes or your knees.

10 Double Front Squats 

Depending on your ability, try this squat with or without additional weight! Form is important, remember to keep your weight in your heels as you squat.

10 Bent-Over Rows, each side

If you feel any pull in your back, reduce the weight and alternate each side accordingly. You can also substitute the bent-over row for a reverse fly if you don’t have weights during this workout.

5 Windmills, each side

For our yogis out there, this movement is very similar to the triangle pose. Make sure you push your hips out as you move. Feel free to add weight if you’ve mastered the weightless option.


Every good workout is finished with active recovery. Give your muscles the gift of a foam rolling session focusing specifically on the feet, calves, chest and back. 

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